• I have questions about my cytopathology or histopathology report. How do I get in touch with the pathologist who read my case?

    All our pathologists list their contact information with their signature on the bottom of their reports. You may email them directly or call the number provided on the report. Our pathologists enjoy and encourage interactions with their DVM clients, so don’t hesitate to call with any questions or concerns involving any of our pathology reports.

  • I am a client and have a question about interpreting my laboratory data. Who do I contact for a consultation?

    Each of our laboratories is staffed by a board-certified clinical pathologist, who is available to take your calls concerning any diagnostic testing performed at our laboratories. Clinical pathologists are experts at interpreting hematological and clinical chemistry data and guiding you to a diagnosis or the necessary next diagnostic steps. Our clinical pathologists are friendly and eager to help you with your cases. We offer consultations through your online log in portal, which allows you to enter lengthy patient histories that can be provided for our consulting doctor to view. You may also contact your local lab via the main phone (or if preferred, email). If, after speaking with the pathologist, you still have consultation needs regarding treatment specific questions, we can direct you to clinical specialists who can help answer these targeted questions.

  • How do I order supplies?

    Supply orders will no longer be filled by on-site personnel at EDx San Diego. Instead, you may request a supply order shipment here, which has an ETA of three to four days. There is no fee or restriction on quantity of supplies associated with supply orders.

  • How do I organize a courier pick-up?

    Depending on the location, we offer up to two routine pick-ups per day, which typically occur at midday and early evening. When you set up your client account, your customer service representative will outline the specifics of your courier route. We can also offer STAT courier pick-ups for an additional fee in most locations. When a courier pick-up is needed, click the Schedule a Pick-Up link (Boston or San Diego) to alert us of your needs and fill out the required fields. As always, you may also call us directly if you prefer to speak with a representative.

  • How do I submit samples to Ethos Diagnostic Science, now part of Zoetis?

    First, please click on the Become a Client link or call to set up an account. You must have an active vet license or appointment as a clinical researcher to set up an account. All submissions and courier pick-ups require an account number. If you are already a client, please check out specific submission requirements for your test request in our Test Directory. When you are ready to submit your samples, click on our Forms link and select the appropriate form for your test. Fill out your form and submit the completed document with your samples. Follow the specific sample handling/packaging guidelines found in the Test Directory for your requested tests. Histology specimens may be submitted with routine lab work to your local lab, or shipped directly to our San Diego location via FedEx. If you require direct FedEx shipping of histology samples, please contact your local laboratory for shipping instructions and labels.

  • What is the turnaround time for routine tests?
    • We offer same day results (upon receipt to the lab) for most routine tests, including CBCs, clinical chemistry profiles, urinalysis, common serological tests and most parasitology tests.
    • Preliminary results for bacterial cultures are typically available within 24-48 hrs, with final results taking between 3-6 days, depending upon the organism’s growth rate.
    • Cytopathology reports are available within 24 hours Mon-Fri.
    • Due to inherent steps in processing biopsy tissue, histopathology reports are available within 2-4 days.

    More detailed information is available after you log in. Click client login, above in the menu bar, for access to our test directory, forms, sample handling instructions, and turn a round times.

  • What services does Ethos Diagnostic Science, now part of Zoetis, provide?

    Ethos Diagnostic Science, now part of Zoetis, is a full-service veterinary diagnostic laboratory. In addition to our expertise in small animal diagnostic testing, facilitated by our ties to Ethos Veterinary Health hospitals, we have a complete array of testing options for large animal and exotic species. We perform testing for all veterinary species in hematology, clinical chemistry, urinalysis, microbiology, parasitology, endocrinology, serology, cytology and histology.


  • Why should I choose to use your laboratory services?

    Ethos Diagnostic Science was acquired by Zoetis Reference Labs in Feb. 2020, further expanding its comprehensive diagnostic capabilities. Our top of the line customer service and attention to detail make us the best in the business. We are a growing operation with a huge heart for our clients and the patients they serve. As such, we are deeply committed to every aspect of our laboratory service and have gone to great lengths to ensure the best quality control and quality assurance programs, timely results, superbly trained technical staff and helpful, approachable pathologists. Additionally, we do not require an exclusivity contract with our laboratory. We want you to choose to use our laboratory!

  • I am a pet owner, can I have my own account? Or can I speak with the pathologist?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to allow pet owners to have their own account as lab work needs to be interpreted by a veterinarian with intimate knowledge of your pet’s overall case. All consultations with us must be facilitated by your veterinarian. If you have a question regarding your lab work, please contact your veterinarian.

  • How do I contact Ethos Diagnostic Science, now part of Zoetis?

    Please contact your local lab directly via the specific lab phone line, or, feel free to email us!



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